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Arguably the most iconic cocktail of all times, the Martini is the epitome of cocktail hour. Enjoyed by everyone from rockstars and politicians to drink connoisseurs in the mood for this classic cocktail,the Martini creation is a true test of any mixologist’s skills.

The Martini Experience

Gin or vodka, shaken or stirred. There are hundreds of recipes and myths surround this supreme serve. At Dine, the Martini is taken very seriously and the exclusive Martini Experience offers guests the chance to learn about the meticulous Martini craft and create a true cocktail. This two-hour Masterclass also reveals the secrets behind the preparation of a perfect balanced Martini in all its variations, from the forerunner invented in 1884, the Martinez, to the most modern Duke’s Martini in London.

Guests will be immersed in the history and legends that shaped the course of Martini’s liquid history as they enjoy five different cocktails to taste, with bespoke garnishes to perfectly pair each serve. At the end of the masterclass, guests will get behind the bar to prepare their very own signature Martini.

Only £35 per person

The Martini Experience is available from Wednesday to Saturday over three sessions

12pm – 2pm | 2pm – 4pm | 4pm – 6pm